Scruff Scruff And Beards

Well, I guess you don't have to be a genius to work out what Scruff Scruff And Beards is all about! These photos are of scruffy bearded guys of the geeky, indie, funny, alternative and nerdy persuasion that our blog-host dreams about on a daily bases, or so he says. If you have the same hankering for hair then you are welcome to submit photos to this collection, and there are plenty of them there already just waiting to be clicked through. Scroll down to see loads of images of guys with beards, both dressed and semi-nude, and there are also some clips to watch, plus gifs. There is not a lot of text here, it's just a collection of images mainly, buour host will answer questions, and from time to time these Q&As get posted. You will also notice that this is an 'as and when' blog, not a daily one, so a nice place to pop back to every once in a while and stock up on hirsute happenings.

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