Bentley Race has done shoots with Aaron and Scott before, but never with both of them at once. And since Scott has told Bentley that he just loves getting fucked, and Bentley and his buddy Aaron love an eager bottom, one thing was pretty much bound to lead to another. One they got Scott warmed up, he couldn't wait for some action, and both guys were moer than happy to accomodate him.

Things got started with plenty of cock sucking - and since there's nothing like sucking a hard cock to make both the sucker and the suckee horny, things went on from there.


Aaron and Bentley took turns pounding Scott's hungry hole. He loved having his ass filled with hard manmeat, and did his best to keep both guys happy at all times.


Scott was one happy camper after servicing not one but TWO big cocks. And he just loved catching those two loads.


Bentley Race sure knows how to put a scene together - AND he knows how to fuck. I'd say those are good traits for a director / internet pornstar.

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