Score Underwear may be the male equivalent to what Frederick's of Hollywood represents for females. Well, definitely not nearly as extensive, but let's just say Score has a novel view of male underwear and fashion. Did I mention it is interactive too? If you wish to undress a model, this Score catalog site makes it easy and quick. It supplies interactive buttons to remove successive layers, top and bottom. Make sure and check out the newest thing in male undergarment fashion - the Thong Section! Here's the deal. While there may not be a wild number of models in terms of quantity, the hunks they use for these underwear poses are sure some mighty alluring looks at the best of maledom. This is a supply of eye candy which readers here won't want to miss, I can nearly guarantee. Buffed, smooth-skinned studs in hockey gear and baseball uniforms, they exist in an Adonis-like world of gorgeousness, all posed up, smiling and ready to get themselves looked at by an adoring public.

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