Scenic Boys is becoming one of my most favorite blogs in the blogosphere. For any lover of Nature - from campers to city-bound watchers of Nature in movies and on television - the adventures of this couple of 28 year old Northwestern Americans from Seattle is as rich and lush in its natural entertainment value as can be found anywhere at all. Outdoors types, these guys travel to myriad North West destinations - Mt. Ranier, the Pacific Coast, Yellowstone with their cameras ready and a truly adventurous spirit. They share stunning vistas of natural wonders, views from impossible heights from mountains and cliffs they climb. They are tres unique and they often take great nude shots out playing in Nature in those breathtaking environments. They look fine, too, I might add. Of particular interest to me was their trip and discussion about their experiences at Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Having been myself, I was delighted in the way they were as awed as myself and also I enjoyed their footage of the event as they experienced it. These are entertaining and very enterprising young men who offer fund raising events and even beseech others to join them in some of their adventures. It's very cool and, yes, people do indeed go along, following similar scripts and obviously having great fun. The energy here is marvelous but the pictures and commentary may be even more so. This is a great crew of killer guys, bent on enjoying life to its fullest.

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