Scenic Boy Adventures

There's no better way to feel at one with the world than by being out there in it naked. That's what Scenic Boy Adventures is all about: a couple in love with each other, the great outdoors and getting naked. What you are looking at here is a collection of videos and images from a naturist couple who like to travel and get into their birthday suits together, and with other mates who like the same thing. There's a personal element to the blog, as well, so you read about their life in general, but even this is peppered with sexy shots of the sex bois naked in in the landscape. Handsome, smooth-skinned, naked men against rolling hills, wide canyons, big skies - it's all about putting their naked forms into the bigger picture. There are archives through a calendar set-up, or you can click back through pages, and there is a page with more details about the couple. You can check out their nudist photos or watch their videos. You get a great sense of the two main guys, their (sexy) naked friends, and most of all, you get a sense of the freedom you must feel when out there under the wide blue yonder without a stitch on.

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