Boy oh boy oh boy. He He. What a great site! Fair warning though: You MUST be very much into scat to not get grossed out by this completely free, very well put together personals site. The brown skinned color scheme is quite par for the course. And the amount of raunchy dudes from all over the big blue globe is absolutely staggering. I signed up as soon as I saw the link and went in. He He. What can I say? I love my raunch. What's really nice is that some of the guys aren't so raunchy and swing more toward the urine end of the spectrum. While I don't mind a bit of poo play at times, I'm an absolute pee fantatic. And so are some of the hot dudes I've already met on here in less than a week. There's a free chat room, you can upload up to...get this...100 photos, and you can create a very indepth profile. It really does not get much better than this when it cums to gay raunchy personals sites. If you don't check this place out, you're seriously missing out on a life experience. Even you pee lovers out there!

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