Helix Academy

The drama continues at Helix Academy. When we last left our group of bitchy twinks, devious Evan Parker was cooking up a scheme to blackmail supercute Ryker Madison for having an affair with their professor (Doug Acre). Ryker finds out that Evan has the goods on him and gets nervous about his man's job stability, until he happens upon Parker having a threeway with fellow students Jessie Montgomery and Zayne Donovan. Ryker watches from the window as newbie Zayne sucks both guys right there in the classroom. Then Evan and Jessie pound the smooth freshman, before doing a perfectly executed train fuck. This is a tough shot to get, but director Alex Roman nails it. And for a young guy, Evan is a strong, confident and in-control top. Kudos, kid!

Next, Ryker tells Professor Doug that the guys are on to them, and they both profess their love for each other. Awwwww. So when Casey Tanner comes by after class to make good on the threat of exposure, Doug can't help but eat his tight teen ass. Before long Casey is getting rammed on the desk by his teacher's thick cock, at one point crying out, "You're huge!" This leads to big cum shots from both all over Casey. But the ungrateful little bastard still won't promise to keep his mouth shut. What does this mean for unlikely lovers Ryker and Doug? Stay tuned for the next chapter!

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Helix Academy

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