Would you charge someone money to watch home movies of your kid's birthday parties? Would you charge someone money to watch a silly little skit show you and your neighbors performed in your backyard when you were half-drunk? Would you charge someone money to watch you lazily pork your boyfriend in a dark room? Probably not. Why then, may I ask, are there gay porn Web sites that charge you money to watch what are essentially poorly produced home movies with no sense of eroticism, style, production value, or the least bit of attention to quality?

Prime example: there is a foot fetish site (it shall remain nameless at this point) which focuses on the pretty peds of young twinks. The producers of this site have good intentions. Sure, foot fans love to see vids of guys talking about their feet, telling us what shoes they like, whether they're into foot sex, etc. The trouble is that the vids on this site are so shoddily made on many, many levels. For starters, they almost always use the same handful of models so that you get sick of them after a while. Another major problem is that most of these guys aren't into feet at all, so they seem disinterested and tend to make faces of revulsion when asked to do anything sexual with feet. Worst of all is that the cameraman babbles incessantly through the entire videos. There has been no rehearsal or preparation, so the camerawork is choppy, poorly lit, and there seems to be no effective editing to tighten or improve the vids.

Again, I appreciate the intentions of this foot site and other sites produced by amateurs, but I wish they'd take a moment to ask themselves a question about their own material: would they themselves pay to see it? There are several Web masters with whom I have solid working relationships, and these dudes know their business and are committed to producing quality porn. These guys could say without hesitation that they would purchase their own material based on the quality of the content and the models. A producer who's serious about his craft often puts out content that he would like to see as well. In other words, he thinks of himself as an audience member, and that is key to finding the pulse. Most great comedians will tell you that if they think a joke they've just written is funny, then they use it. Same should apply to porn: if the material you just shot is hot as you see it, then use it. Honestly, I don't know how some of these producers look at what they're crapping out and actually call it quality or worth more than a dirty nickel.

I think that if you're charging a fee for members to see your material, it needs to be a step above something your neighbor Al would shoot on his 8mm camera. I also think that cameramen need to shut the fuck up. It's fine to have an interview portion, but if you've got someone yapping through the entire vid, the audience never achieves any heightened sense of excitement because of constant distraction. If you have models who are giggling and fooling around with no sense of disciplinary performance, sometimes because they're drunk, that isn't exactly hot, is it? And some of these 'home movies' don't even really have a beginning, middle or end. Sorry, but any vid without some sort of climax fails in every regard.

This editorial is a variation of complaints I continue to voice on a monthly basis. From my perspective, too many horny men are being ripped off. Dammit, if you're going to produce a porn site, you better at least pretend that you know what you're doing or have a level of professionalism. We don't want to pay for scraps from producers who don't know how to bring off an idea to full fruition. If you're launching your own porn site because you want to make money at it and you think it's easy, stop the madness before you go any further. Making porn is not easy, unless you want to make crap. Everybody wants to make a profit at their craft, but it has to be the second reason in any creative field. This is one of the core causes of this epidemic of overpriced crappy porn: the wrong motivation. As a porn producer, your goal should be to make quality material to please your audience, and from that comes the reward of profit. It ain't the other way around, kiddies. But just in the passage of time that it took you to read this editorial, 25 losers have just decided to open up their own little porn barn, and another 50 will do it before the week is out. Next we'll have sites devoted to people filming their pets fucking at $25 per month. You think I'm kidding, don't ya? Hehe.



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