Will Wikle in underwear

Many of you (o.k., maybe none of you) will remember Will Wikle from being a contestant on "Big Brother" in the U.S. If you don't know him from that, then you will probably know that he is currently dating the "retired" porn hottie Mason Star.

This hunky stud has recently been making quite a splash on the net with his very slutty stroll down the busy streets of N.Y.C. in nothing but a pair of (very) tight undies that leave very little to the imagination. The video was recorded for some party down in Fire Island and I gotta say sister knows how to WERK the hoe stroll! People's reaction to seeing some hot guy mincing down the street is quite hilarious. The comments alone are just classique!

Will's BF, Mason, might have quit porn but maybe - just maybe - Will should take a stab at getting pounded on film for our gay eyes to enjoy. You KNOW that with that sashaying he would be one insatiable bottom slut! Have a look and you'll see what I mean!

AHHH! Summer in N.Y.C.!

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