Samuel O'Toole Quits Porn

Once upon a time hung and horny hunk Samuel O'Toole was the biggest thing in porn and his delicious meaty cock and ass was everywhere. He had his own site for Next Door Studios and things were going amazingly well for this hunk.

Actually, maybe not so much. A couple of weeks ago Samuel had announced that he would be leaving and tweeted:

"Well, for me it's official, the industry and people have left such a bad taste in my mouth, no pun intended, that I'm done. No more videos."

As if that news wasn't shocking enough, Samuel also tweeted that he went to an interview for a new job. What would this new job be, you ask? Well, how about assistant manager at Pep Boys! Yes, this stud could now be selling lube, not for you ass but for your car!! I guess now it will make every gay fantasize even more just knowing that this hunk will be wearing a sexy uniform working with cars and acting all "butch".

It seems that the interview did not go exactly how Sammy planned, and he didn't get the job at Pep Boys but he did delete his twitter account so I guess that means it's officially official. Oh Sammy, it was good while it lasted even if some people called you boring and said you were only "bisexual" to keep the gays happy... but one things is for sure; it will be a while before most HOMOS will forget that cock!

To see the site that Samuel's leaving behind now he's retired, click here.

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