Samuel O'Toole in bondage and gagged

We thought he retired and deleted his Twitter account! Well, sometimes when you least expect it, a porn star returns. (No, not that one!) When Samuel O'Toole abruptly left Next Door Studios last year, along with a bunch of other exclusive models, no one knew where he would land. Well, late last week, the still studly star popped up in a new solo for Bound Jocks. The light-bondage site puts Sammy through its usual paces. First, he's tied up while wearing only a red jock and sneakers. Then, he's naked and restrained from the ceiling. Sammy's perfect ass, with just a hint of fur peeking out from the round cheeks, never looked better. With his one free hand (thankfully), he works his always large and gorgeous boner. The close-ups of his precum will only wet your appetite for the messy cum shot that follows. Hopefully, O'Toole will be tied up by another Bound Jocks model sooner rather than later! For more information, visit

Samuel O'Toole strokes his cock while in bondage

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