When you mention Folsom Street fair, most people think that it's just an opportunity for all kinds of men to walk around naked and do all sorts of nasty and delicious things out in public for everyone to see, and ... well.. you would be right about that one!

All kinds of salacious activities were going on at this year's fair but none more entertaining and kinky than naked twister with hunky porn stud Samuel Colt, along with other porn hunks including red-fire bomb Kennedy Carter. Everyone involved looked like they didn't know where to put their hands so they decided to put their hands right on Samuel's hairy ass and then fingers on his hot hole! Now, that is how you mutha-fuckin' play a game of naked twister!

There's a whole lotta twistin' and a turnin' but even more naked ass cracks on display to send your temperature through the roof - and of course, if you wanna see videos, yes I said videos, of all the action you can catch it all over at the Guilty Pleasured blog!

This is one blog visit your right (or left) hand and cock will thank you for! Enjoy!

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