Sam Sucks Himself Off

You'd never know it by just looking at Sam, but he's actually the shy, quiet type. This was his very first time ever being caught pleasing himself on camera, so needless to say, he was quite nervous that day. However, as is usually the case with first timers, they relax once the clothes are shed and they're horny as hell. Sam was no different. In no time at all he had his thick, uncut cock raring for a good wank. It was when he started to beat off that he informed the crew from Blake Mason that he could actually suck himself off. Well, shit! Far be it for them not to get to Sam to prove it - of which he certainly did! Bending right over at the waist, the highly skilled "acrobat" proceeded to blow himself. What a fantastic sight this is! As you can see from one of the pics up top, Sam actually managed to take a good amount of his man meat inside his mouth. The end result? How about a healthy flow of UK lad spunk all over his hand?!

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