First Time Gay Sex

This Corbin Fisher video is one of firsts: Sam is having his first guy-on-guy sexual experience and Levi is getting fucked for the first time on the gay porn site. (He's been fucked up the ass before.) Sam is a hot-looking guy with a great set of lips. He heard about Corbin Fisher from a friend and he thought it'd be kind of fun to get nasty in front of the camera. The cameras and the fans loved him. He's already done a scene with a girl over on Corbin's brother site, but they've managed to talk him into doing his first guy-on-guy sex scene.

Levi loves getting boned and when Corbin Fisher showed him a picture of Sam, the young, tattooed stud was all over that. Sam sat back on a sofa at the farmhouse and Levi unbuttoned his jeans and showed him how good a guy's mouth feels around his cock. Then Sam showed Levi he could suck dick, too. The guys laid across the sofa and Sam fucked Levi's ass a number of ways. Levi really wanted to taste Sam's load, so when the straight stud was ready to blow, Levi got down on his knees and opened wide! What an awesome shoot! I hope we'll see more more of Sam, he's a hot fucker.

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