Sam Barclay Is An Amazing Bottom Sam Barclay Is An Amazing Bottom

Dominic Pacifico is into all sorts, and so is Sam Barclay. So these pair are a match made in heaven when it comes to filming a heated fuck session. But I reckon Alpha Males missed a trick with this scene, and it turned out to be far more tame than I'd expect for two well-accomplished fetish pornstars.

Regardless, the action doesn't fall short of a top-class sweaty, spunky fuck sesh. Dominic goes down on Sam Barclay's smooth butthole after swapping BJs and disposing off their kit. I love the ball sucking that goes on here! Once Barclay's arse is ready for Dominic's shaft, he slaps his dick on the hole and pushes it in. English Sam Barclay takes a hell of a pounding! A truly amazing bottom.

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