Saint's Crossing

Saint's Crossing is a blog by a Southern California artist and author who has a very penetrating take into just about everything. Stable-appearing and hooked up with a mate for a while now, he can write about his love and the verities of the home life with a sweet sounding disposition that seems as genuine as it can be. Let loose, mentally and artistically, on the hypocrisies and lives surrounding us all and in our society in general, he takes a withering and deep assessment of our faults. He writes this blog with some pain, just as he does his very good music. Christian St. Croix also happens to be a terrific singer, with a husky, sometimes raspy sort of bar sound which carries notes well and has an innate sensuality to it. His music is direct and very appealing. On this website, currently he features a tune by the Beatles - "Come Together" - which I have now listened to 3 consecutive times and I am not always that way. Damn, he's good! It gives me great pleasure to explore more of this self-effacing, humble yet very incisive artist. He believes he has a CD coming in August. Man, I hope so. He could very easily be a favorite, Check it out yourself. Hey, well done, Christian!

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