Saggers Gone Wild

Ever notice those thugs and gangsters whose pants are so low it shows their underwear? And perhaps you're the kind of guy who notices that underwear - usually boxer shorts - and the fine asses beneath them. If so, you're not alone! Saggers Gone Wild puts the focus on "saggers", those rough street guys who are usually black or latin who let their pants sag so that they show their underwear. And this site isn't messing around with models and pornstars pretending to be saggers, either. It's a unique look at the gangbangers who tend to wear their pants low. We not only get to enjoy the view (and a great view it is if you're into boxer shorts, ethnic guys or rough street amateurs) but we get to know what saggers are all about. If you're looking for a site that isn't precisely an underwear fetish site, isn't exactly an ethnic porn site, and isn't really a reality TV show, but has aspects of all three, chances are you'll find Saggers Gone Wild as fascinating as I do!

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