S & E also goes by the title Matt Scheirmeier & Cameron Earnheart. What this site is, by any name, is a fascinating website designed by the two principals who are obviously in a relationship - and one of 7 years. Matt's "About" section chronicles his somewhat rocky past, including his contracting HIV during a period he refers to as some "wild days". 'Nuff said. Cameron's "About" page honestly dissects the advent of their relationship and how he learned he needed to bone up on the virus in order to stay with someone he loved. Their website dedicates itself, in all seriousness, to personal fitness, to living with AIDS, to diet and to a true celebration of living, a factor they know much about considering the situation. We get photographic evidence - very cool pics! - of their trips to Balboa Park in San Diego, and to elsewhere. We also get quietly-written prose dealing with how they view the world and each other, but all of it in a sane and sometimes possibly too-serious fashion. Having said that, this is one high quality read, not just for their excellent writing styles, but also for the gravity they attach to "good living". There is much to learn in this fascinating chronicle of life from the perspectives of two modest and handsome characters who also do, indeed, know how to have fun. I particularly like the Brittney Spears video, lol. Anyway, I rate this blog extremely highly. These guys are young, smart, sometimes flip, but who make generally excellent renderings of their slices of life, in confessional and very, very direct form. There is lots to like with these two and their blog. And such a gorgeous layout.

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