I bet if you think 'Gay holiday Greece' you think Mykonos; most people do I imagine, it's an island known for its nightlife and it pulls in a lot of gay travellers every year. But how about going further south and finding the latest, newest, gay holiday destination in Greece? That's what R.Y.A.N.A. (Rhodes You Are Not Alone) is all about. Rhodes is one of the 16 islands in the Dodecanese chain and is the fourth biggest island in Greece. Why then is there virtually no gay scene? That's the issue that Scoobybook Limited, is trying to address.

This far-sighted travel company is organising Ryana, as a 5-day LGBT event-trip on Rhodes, Greece. The dates are set for the 18th to 22nd of July with a re-run of events from 25th to the 29th July, 2013 in what it is hoped will be the first event of many. Scoobybook Ltd. Say: "One of our company's primary aims is to make Rhodes another LGBT friendly destination, in order to cater for the demand that has erupted in the island in the past couple of years." The events include parties, shows, and even a celebration on the nudist beach.

The thing that really grabbed me about this event was the fact that, despite being a top tourist destination already, Rhodes is not known for its gay tourism. This is a bold move and a very positive one, not only for the local and global LGBT community. In the current economic climate Greece needs all the tourists it can get. Let's hope Ryana pulls them in.

It's not too late to book a holiday and, apart from all the LGBT fun that is promised, you will find an historic island with breath-taking natural beauty, a great climate, plenty of sun, that famous Greek hospitality with plenty of other excursions, boat trips and nearby islands to visit, such as the neo-classical Symi. And of course, you can visit anytime. But if you are there during the Ryana festivities, make sure you join in and share the magic.

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