What the hell is going on with some of these porn studs! 90's porn star Ryan Idol, whose real name is Marc Anthony Donais, was found convicted of attempted murder on September 20th in Sacramento, California.

The 45 year old was was accused of using a toilet tank lid to beat his ex-girlfriend in the head - they had broken up before this incident occurred. Marc Anthony claimed that his ex had a knife during the altercation that happened in the bathroom and that he had hit his ex-girlfriend in self defense. Well, the jury was not buying it and found him guilty.

Ryan got his first big break in 1989 when he posed for Playgirl magazine, and his star continued to rise. He was a mega gay porn star from 1990 to when he retired in 1996. He considered himself to be bisexual and his movie included "Idol Eyes," "Idol Worship," and "Idle Thoughts." Here is what Idol used to look like in his 90's heyday:


Now, all that is left is the sentencing which is scheduled for Dec. 9, 2011. We will keep you up to date with the latest on this story.

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