Rusty is a redheaded marine, and when he first met photographer Buzz West, he was totally straight. But Rusty had a lot of fun doing his shoot for Buzz - he liked the appreciation, the attention and he liked getting paid. Rusty finally decided he might be willing to do more, so he was invited back to the studio. There he agreed to a massage, and Buzz found not one but TWO volunteers to rub Rusty. Once he was relaxed, the massage got hotter, and soon he had both sets of hands stroking his legs and his ass!

You can see both pairs of hands at work, stroking, rubbing and kneading Rusty, relaxing him and enjoying the feeling of his firm flesh under their fingers. They left no inch of Rusty untouched.


Finally Kendall - one of the guys giving the massage - gets his chance. Rusty is feeling very receptive, so Kendall slides his mouth down that marine shaft, the first guy ever to taste that straight cock!


Since Rusty is being so cooperative, Kendall decides to tease and suck on his balls, and Rusty just couldn't get enough. Then Kendall went back to sucking Rusty's cock and gave him the best blowjob of his life!


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