Is Dallas Reeves Pinching Performers From Broke Straight Boys?

Russian stud Vadim Black sat on his first cock in March, then a second, and his love affair with Broke Straight Boys was over. Just as his fan club numbers started to explode, rumors swirled that he was retiring from porn. Good grief, how does an 18-year-old guy retire from anything?

Then on April 7, the announcement that Dallas Reeves signed Black to an exclusive deal. Funnily enough, Vadim Black's first Dallas Reeves scene debuts on April 17 and he's paired up with Johnny Forza, another Broke Straight Boys performer.

In November 2013, when gay porn blogger Men of Porn asked Forza if his contract with BSB was over, Forza tweeted a simple, "Yep." Dallas Reeves himself jumped in and tweeted: "He's now contracted with me."

So why does Dallas Reeves keep pinching performers from Broke Straight Boys? And is this Forza-Black scene a giant "fuck you" to Broke Straight Boys, or a mere coincidence that bloggers like me love to blow out of proportion?

In an official press release Dallas Reeves says: "When Vadim approached us about working with us, I quickly agreed. With his exotic looks and versatility, he will fit right in." Versatility? Does one top, one bottom, and one flip flop scene make a performer versatile? I thought Vadim Black was straight?

Is it just a coincidence? Or the ebb and flow of porn sites and performers jumping over to the next big thing? I don't know. I have more questions than answers? After having more dick up his ass than I can easily count, is Johnny Forza still identifying as straight? Are Johnny Forza and Donny Forza really brothers? Can we see the long-form birth certificates? And is "versatile" Vadim Black now okay with taking dick up his butt? And who is fucking whom in his debut? I guess I'll get that question answered on April 17.

Vadim Black

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