So, who you ask is Russ Ryan? Well, let me school ya! This hottie is generating quite the buzz in the gay porn world, and can you believe that he hasn't even released any scenes yet? Seriously, his heat is so strong that already 3,000 plus are following him on twitter and all of them jizzing with excitement to see his video with

Why is he so popular? Well, you can all thank twitter for that. Russ has been uploading pics of his hot-as-fuck self. From shots of him at the gym without a shirt on to chillin' at home with a sexy T-shirt, this dude KNOWS how to work it and work it he does! Russ is most deffo one porn stud to watch as he will probably be EVERYWHERE over the next cumming months. He has a couple of scenes with Chi Chi LaRue coming up in the next few months and I am sure that once the world gets a look at his... umm.. talents, they will be all over him like a 12 inch cock!

Of course, you can follow this stud on his official twitter and get ready for a whole lot of tasty treats from this young hot hottie that is most deffo, like my gurl Erika Jayne says: ONE HOT PLEASURE!

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