And it's also a hashtag. RuPaul's Drag Race season 4 alumna Willam has a new vid way worth watching. Yeah, I know the female gender version of alumni because I took Latin in high school. It's come in handy like twice.

As background, Willam got kicked off the show by RuPaul due to an unspecified rule breakage. It may have been contact with the outside world during filming, in the form of cyber contact or even a direct fuck from his boyfriend. Rumors flew, some from Willam. And she didn't get cast in the All Stars show, either.

No bad blood between Willam and RuPaul, though. Just maybe some spoiled mascara.

Now, if you don't care about the background part, then just enjoy the hot vintage-y studs in roller skates. It's a fine look. And Willam's kind of a sex bomb in her own right. Cameos by Raja (Season 3 winner) and Sharon Needles (Season 4 winner).

Want more Willam? She wants you to want more, for sure. Then check out Willam's Beatdown on The Stylish YouTube channel. She reads style vloggers to filth. Some twink fashionista wannabes go down hard.

P.S. Willam's a dude.

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