Here's a great site for sports fans. It's called Rugger Bugger, and it focuses on athletes. There are lots of pro rugby players, swimmers, boxers, wrestlers, baseball and football players exposed during game play, in the locker room or just horsing around. Plus cell phone pics - both self-pics and taken by friends. The site has pics of lots of UK and Australian athletes in action as their shorts are pulled down or aside in play, giving us a peek at their cocks and balls. There are also U.S. players like Kansas City Royals baseball player DANIEL CORTES (naked, btw) and even Olympics medal winners' asses. There's also shots of bulging cocks in tight spandex sports clothes, sportsmen showering and even jackoff videos that were supposed to be kept private. All in all, Rugger Bugger does a good job of bringing us plenty of famous athletes naked and semi-naked!

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