Hairy Rugby Players

Marco is just hitting the showers after a muddy rugby match. He doesn't even bother taking his clothes off before he gets under the spray - might as well leave some of that mud on the shower room floor. Tony joins his buddy in the shower and they start kissing. With the water drenching their rugby uniforms, it's not hard to see that things are stiffening up. Tony has a huge woody growing in his shorts. Marco feels it and fishes out Tony's hard uncut cock. Then Marco squats in the shower and gives Tony's dick a taste. Tony gets down on his knees and gives his buddy's dick a suck, and Marco even turns around and holds his butt cheeks wide open while Tony digs in with his tongue. He teases that hairy fuck hole of Marco's. But it's Marco who returns to his knees and Tony jacks off his thick, creamy load all over Marco's wet, hairy chest. Marco even takes a bit on the chin. And then sadly, all the cum washes down the drain.

Hairy Rugby Players Kissing

Hairy Rugby Players Sucking Cock

Hairy Rugby Players Licking Ass

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