rudys first time

Justin first came to Corbin Fisher last August, and back then he was pretty shy. He was just beginning to explore guy-on-guy sex and wasn't sure how it all worked. Nine months later, he doesn't hesitate to tell a guy what he wants. This week he's paired up with Rudy, a 20-year-old guy who is also taking the plunge into his first time with another guy. And who better than to show him the ropes than Justin?

This isn't really Rudy first time; he does admit that he's received a blowjob from another straight buddy. They were hanging out, started kissing, and then before you know it, Rudy was getting his dick sucked. But today Rudy is going to suck his first dick.

Justin goes down on Rudy first, then Justin tells Rudy just exactly how he wants his dick sucked. He pushes Rudy's head down all the way to make sure his cock hits the back of this straight guy's throat. Then Justin asks Rudy if he'd like to try some anal sex. Rudy jumps on Justin pretty quick and plunges his hard dick into Justin's ass. Rudy fucks Justin with hard and deep thrusts, and it's not long before Rudy is squirting his load all over Justin's butt - it is his first time, after all, and he can't believe how incredible a guy's hole feels.

Then Justin pushes just a little further asking if he could cum in Rudy's mouth. So this video marks a whole bunch of firsts for Rudy: first time sucking a guy's dick, first time fucking a guy's ass, and first time taking a guy's load in his mouth. Good thing these guys are filming at Corbin Fisher's new studio in Vegas because Rudy would probably like this to stay in Vegas. But I have a feeling that we'll be seeing more of Rudy, and I can't wait to see this hot stud getting his ass fucked.

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