Whoa!! Welcome to the intense world of rubber!! Anyone who didn't know what this site was all about might actually get a bit terrified. As the warning page tells you, if you're not into this sort of thing, don't enter. Just so you're aware, the site is all in french. Thus, not being very well versed in this language, I can't comment on the text on this site. I think I can you give a brief rundown on the images though. All men are featured in full rubber and/or latex outfits. Right to the point of having just a few small holes in their masks to breath out of. Man you'd have to be totally into this stuff in order to carry that out. There are also some galleries of rubberized blokes engaged in bonding rituals. No...not as in "friendship bonding". LOL. I'm talking tied up and completely immobilized. It's some pretty intense stuff. At your disposal are 100's of free pics. If rubber turns your crank, pull out your own suit and go have some fun. Perhaps you speak french and can tell us more about what's going on.

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