Rubber Bound Cop

Here's a guy with a passion for rubber, the BDSM scene, and fantasy master and slave action. Rubber Bound Cop is a place to call into when you want to learn what the scene is all about, or when you want to contact others into the same things as you. It's also a place to come to check out some photos and artwork on the rubber theme. There's a blog element to it as well which is mainly image led, but each post then has a link off to 'read more' where you can read the full stories. Register and comment, or simply browse the site and look back at the archives, you will find it all stays right on theme. Your host is also generous in giving links to other similar blogs so you will soon find yourself on a long and winding trail around the fetish world to the point where you can almost smell the rubber. The main menu and other handy links make it easy to navigate to get you back to the home page, too.

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