Raging Stallion Studios Gets Arty With Its Cockwork

Leave it to award-winning director Tony Dimarco to be influenced by master auteur Stanley Kubrick. In 1971, the noted director and screenwriter rocked the world of cinema with his classic A Clockwork Orange. The epic film told the tale of a street youth in a future world who is jailed and volunteers to be part of an aversion-therapy program. Based on the novel by Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange was controversial for its numerous scenes depicting "ultra-violence" and the hero's desire for the "old in and out," which often resulted in rape. So what better inspiration is there for a gay porno!? The original starred a young Malcolm McDowell (the rich old dude on Entourage) in a bowler hat. So Dimarco and Raging Stallion took the hat (plus some bright orange fetish gear) and plunked it on studly D.O., Jesse Santana, Heath Jordan and Marc Dylan. And then the guys were told to get aggressive with their sex. "I asked this amazing cast to inject extreme vitality into their performances, and they delivered on every level", Dimarco says. "As a film fan, I often find inspiration in classic movies that make their way into my adult films. Stanley Kubrick's stylized approach and his innate ability to bring raw energy to his films is something that I attempt to emulate with my projects." This is high-concept gay porn, kids. That means it verges on art (stylish sets and costumes, edgy editing), but you can still jack to it! Also starring Tom Wolfe, Alexander Garrett and Cavin Knight. For more information, visit RagingStallion.com.

Cockwork Cover

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