When I see some guys they stir up my bad boy fantasies. Tim here does that for me. He's not exactly a good looking guy, he's a bit of a rough looker with his shaved head and his tattoos. He's a construction worker, so he's got a pretty solid build, but then, he's got big, rough hands -- hands that could manhandle you and push you to the ground. Like maybe you just started your new job on the construction site. You've been assigned to Tim who is going to show you the ropes. He tells you to follow him and he heads down to the basement of one the new houses his construction compnay is building. Once in the basement, he continues to a far corner, where the furnace room is located. He pushes you inside and bulldozes you with his strong body until you're pressed up against the wall. "Hey, what the fuck -" you protest. "Shut the fuck up," he growls, twisting your arm and pushing you to your knees. He unzips his jeans and pulls out his hard cock. He grabs your head in both hands and rams his cock down your throat. He fucks your mouth slowly, but hard and forcibly. You struggle, but he's got you pinned in the corner between him and the wall. You're not going anywhere. "Suck my dick, cock sucker," he grunts, picking up the pace. He's pumping harder now. Within another minute or so, he starts breathing real hard, and then, he blows his load down your throat. When he's done shooting his wad, he pull his cock out of your mouth, he wipes his piss hole across your lips, cleaning off that last remaining droplets of jizz, and then, zips up. "Get yourself cleaned up and meet me upstairs," he says. And then before leaving, he grabs your face and leans in close, "Breath a word of this to anyone and I'll fuck your ass with my big cock - and I ain't going to be gentle." He swaggers away, leaving you on the concrete floor. This ain't going to be a bad job after all, you think. Now how do you suppose you're going to get that hard cock of his up your ass without blowing the whistle on him?

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