Lance Corporal Roque and Petty Officer Rizzo Trade Blow Jobs Lance Corporal Roque and Petty Officer Rizzo Trade Blow Jobs

Both Lance Corporal Roque and Petty Officer Rizzo have been in the US Military for some time, and both love being around so many other hot guys. As we all know, "straight" men in the military sometimes get very friendly with their buddies when not out on manoeuvres! And today, with All American Heroes, these two hotties show exactly what they and their military buddies can get up to when they get horny and there are no girls around!

Marine Lance Corporal Roque has never been with a Navy guy before, so he was most interested in getting to know Petty Officer Rizzo - as intimately as possible! Personally, I reckon he really wanted to see if Navy semen tasted saltier than Marine semen! The two guys, both straight, but very bi-curious, started off showing how well-trained they are at mouth-to-mouth - no, not the life-saving manoeuver - but the deep-throat, wet and slippery, tongue down the throat type of kissing that only two straight men can do!

Next they started to peel each other's uniforms off and both marveled at the other's hard, chiselled chest, washboard abs, and military-trained muscles. They start grinding their groins together and slowly Roque works his way down to Rizzo's cock, which his rock-hard, and envelopes it with his mouth and lips and starts to give his new buddy the blow job of his life! Soon tho, Rizzo wants to return the favour, so the guys 69 for a while and use their free hand to investigate the other's fit body while orally pleasuring each other.

Then Rizzo gets onto his knees and takes Roque's fat cock into his mouth and uses his hand to stroke the shaft until it gushes forth all that Marine semen all over Rizzo's lip and down his hard shaft. Then Rizzo sits up and moves his groin and hard uncut cock towards Roque's face and gives his new friend a delightful cum facial as a parting gift, which Roque tastes and then greedily laps it all up!

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