Roper Mike

Roper Mike gives you a choice when you land on his page: View adults-only bondage movies from some top companies with AEBN and/or Maleflixxx, or see TV and Film stills of men in trouble, well-known actors being tied and bound in images from released movies from all over the place. The site has been around since 1998 and it's still going strong. Checking the adult theatres out, I found that Mike's got all kinds of titles up there. He lists them in a simple way and gives you names of actors and titles of films. Once you start clicking around in there you're not going to be able to tear yourself away, and he's got the full theatre set up going on with category lists and online streams. These are only small clips, samples and pics though and you will have to pay to use the full video on demand features.

But click into the other area for Guys In Trouble and you're going to have a field day. This side of the site is all about screen caps and stills from famous and lesser known movies and TV shows. Not only are there links to other sites of interest, like All Star Bondage, but there are thousands of bondage stills from TV and movies. These are not sexual images, not unless you really do get off on the men from Bonanza and Alias Smith and Jones (well, why not?). Think of a movie you've seen where someone gets tied to a table (other than Sean Connery as James Bond) and the chances are you will find the image of it here. A great site for all bondage fans and interested parties.

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