Doug gets fucked

We just got the latest update from Bentley Race sent to us at gaydemon. I just had to post it straight away - it got me well horny and worked up! A fit and smooth (clearly bottom boy) is getting a tan up on a rooftop. He is wearing a pair of red tight Speedos showing off his perfect ass.. Another guy comes into the picture.. and gets out his fat hard cock.. Well the pictures talks for themselves! The bottom guy really gets fucked hard and rough! Check out the pictures, posted several here for you to see.

bentley race

This is what Bentley Race tells us about this latest update:

"During summer there's no hotter place than up on the rooftop of my building. And it's my favourite place to shoot and play with some of my mates. Doug is a lot of fun to play and when he dropped by to catch some rays on the roof I didn't expect us to go this far! He's a sexy and very kinky boy with a hot tight bod. I can't wait till summer comes again (here in Australia) so we can get naked outside again."

bentley race

bentley race


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