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Get your hankies out and don't worry - you won't be using it to clean up fresh man-jizz over your stomach; you might actually shed a tear after reading this news! One of the hottest couples in gay porn have announced that their 6 year relationship has come to an official end!

The uber-tan and sexy Roman Heart and Benjamin Bradley have not given any details of the break-up but they did announce over Twitter (where else?) that it was a mutual decision. Benjamin told his Twitter followers that they had split however they were still friends and that they loved each other very much. Roman was a bit more brief and simply tweeted: "I need a divorce lawyer, this is stressful."

Well, we all know relationships start and end everyday but this one is quite sad just 'cos of the fact that these two were so fucking hot together, and now they are but a distant gay wet dream! No doubt their fans will be heart-broken! We wish both of them nothing but the best, and hope they continue to make porn dreams come true even if they do it separately.

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