Bang Bang Boys presents part two of the Roger video. This time you get the cum shot guys! Youre going to love Roger as he fucks the pillow, feels up his meaty pecs and ass, and wanks his granite like cock, using his own spit as lube. All this leads to Roger shooting a thick load of cum which pools just above his hairy crotch. I know many of you guys would like to have licked it all up, but Roger jumps up off the bed and heads for the shower, where he soaps up and cools down his muscles. His large balls swaying so provacatively as he runs for the bathroom. It was all the team could do to keep from not following him right into the shower after what he'd done to them all with this awesome shoot.


There's Roger's lightning fast hand as it beats his thick manhood like a turbo charged piston. I like images like this where you get a little bit of blur from the action underway. It captures so much of the reality of the scene before you've even seen the video.


Here he is fucking the pillow. Notice the sexy striations in his shoulders and lats while he lays into the piece of bedding. I used to hump my pillow when I was young. What a great sensation if you can generate some erotic fantasies going on inside your head.


Now we're really teasing you. He He. This is the aftermath of Roger's explosive ejaculation. But not to fret guys as you get to see him spew his froth in the free video gallery provided. Bang Bang Boys are so good to us. They always include some vids for our stoking pleasure. Plus they like to show us that they're for real and deliver each and every time. And they certainly have proven that time and time again! Check it out.

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