Rod Daily has confirmed via Twitter that he is HIV-positive and won't be performing any longer. The gay porn superstar has been caught up in controversy following the news that his girlfriend, porn actress Cameron Bay, recently seroconverted. Her HIV admission led to a weeklong shutdown of the straight adult industry as her scene partners were tested and eventually cleared. For the past two weeks, Daily openly tweeted his fears and admitted that he was being tested. Yesterday, he announced the results.

Daily, 32, has worked on the gay side of the business for the past six years for numerous studios and was at one time an exclusive for Next Door Entertainment. He has only filmed scenes using condoms. In an interview with the Los Angeles Daily News, Daily said that he was tested at a private clinic in Arizona. "I know it happened last month," he said. "I know I don't have a crazy lifestyle." Although there is much speculation within the industry about how and when he was infected, Daily added, "I can't point any fingers at anybody. I'm here now. This is what I have to live with."

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