The Rocket Tube is a 'tube site' which means the site displays virtual "Youtube" type videos which show up almost immediately upon engaging. Now, this can be quite an enabling enterprise for anyone wanting to scroll and find some seriously hot sex while not necessarily wanting to wait for things to download or develop over a long time. In other words, this site gives you "the shit" up front, quick and down and dirty. Add to that the fact that the content is always extremely hot, featuring cool-looking studs having it off together or solo studs going 'wankster' and you have an marvelous recipe for cum at your own desk. Selections of episodes are of the best pay-site content, just more along the line of extended trailers, which can be a marvelously successful enterprise. "Men at Hard Work" I found particularly successful in enlarging my own penis while "Straight Fraternity" provided a near-equal kick in the ass, as it were. Nice choices for subject content and some really elegant and simple videos make for a straight-forward and satisfying look at some hot sex with gorgeous men. Nice site, her, with plenty of content to choose from.

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