Rock Rockafella admitted with a healthy dose of glee that he would be headlining this year's Dallas/Ft. Worth Black Pride weekend, scheduled to begin September twenty-ninth and orgasming all the way through that Monday, the 3rd, and well beyond. This is a really big deal being asked to be the - what - El Capitan of Black Dallas Pride. It helps to show that gay pornography is important to who we are as gay men and it shines the media spotlight on Rock Rockafella, one of the leading figures in black gay porn specifically, but gay porn in general. Well, will be, once his franchise is relaunched. For now, sits, legions of fans with lube at the ready.

But I digress.

He said the invite was "unexpected," but very much "excited" at the prospect. "Attending this event will again be something new for me because my reasons will be different; before it was solely about partying and filmmaking. This time it's about informing and educating on the effects of HIV/AIDS in the porn industry."

Rock will be accompanied by stars Remy Martin and Rica Ziaciah featured in "Raw Dickin' It 4" and Speechless Rockafella featured in "Raw Dickin' It 3." (I can't even begin to imagine agreeing to be speechless anyone.)

I was especially touched by Rock's announcement that, "it is the responsibility of every adult entertainment producer to do their part in helping to educate and find services for those individuals living with HIV/AIDS." But find or find and pay for?

(Btw, I know the picture is small but I love it. And I know you will, too, so when you're jerking off to it, let that one dollop of monitor splooge have my name on it. You're welcome.)

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