Rock My Blog is a bold, brilliant, complex and very Brazilian website. The language offers issues to English-only speakers and I see no ready translations available which, I suspect, was always the intent. In a sense, there is no need for abundant dialogue unless one subscribes to their newsletter. Generally, however, what gets presented in this gorgeous nest of a site are the best of the best of 'chic', Brazilian-style. This is absolutely fine by me and most of us, I am willing to wager. It is therefore somewhat "seminal", pardon the expression. This site is original and revelatory of the best of what Brazilian style is offering the fashion world, including advertisements and photos of the hottest men known to man. I may as well venture there are also some comely ladies in this site as well. It is an eye candy feast of epic proportions, as far as I am concerned, diabolically-devised to capture one right from the start and rewarding as hell, once involved in these scrumptious pages. I have a hard time believing I have missed it, the truth is, although I am more than positive others have known it well for quite some time. This one is clearly near the peak of relevant style and fashion, in no uncertain way.

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