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File this story under: "Bitch, Please!"

Porner Rocco Reed has just announced his retirement from gay porn and of course he had to add something a bit different as it seems that almost every porner going into porn quits as soon as he starts.

Rocco told AVN the following:

"I would like to state that my time in the adult industry in every aspect has now come to an end, I will no longer be living in the Los Angeles area and I'm taking the step to start other business ventures. I would also like to state that I am not or never have been gay, just an adult performer. I am retiring not because of any other reason than its time to move on. Thanks."

So wait, who cares about him retiring! Why the hell did he feel the need to claim his heterosexuality in the same statement? Is this in fear that he no longer does gay porn that gay men everywhere would be coming up to him and spunking on his face? I don't think so, I mean that has already happened in his gay porn flicks for


That alone makes him sound oh so very douche-y and kinda makes me wonder why the hell he went into gay porn in the first place being that he was so popular in the straight porn world. I guess every now and then a "straight" guy just needs a big ol'cock up his ass!

(Scource: AVN)

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