Robin Fux - a pronactor's diary is precisely what it says it is and it is hot! Ruben is young and full of cum. He likes getting it shoved up his ass and he says as much. In fact, Ruben is a most definite horn dog of the first order. In this blog he delivers a very straight-forward selection of outtakes from his videos as well as picture shootings. Nor is that all that shoots! Ruben gives some serious full value here, honest, straight-ahead, sucking cocks in public, sniffing shoes - whatever it takes! He made some 7 films and a slew of photo shoots, then finally got himself a fully-fledged full page interview which he shines all out there to make sure we all got it. I like his honesty and his body, in no set order. He has a sort of skinhead sense about him and he doesn't do anything to deter that, either. He also seems to have an enormous sex drive that he gives full fucking rein to, making this blog drenched with lusty goings-on of one of the hottest new gay porn sex stars around. Ruben is out there but you like it. He is one happy human who seems to be having a ball - or two.

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