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Young Robbie has wanted to take a cock in his ass for most of his life. He and Jack hit it off really well, and with some hot foreplay fun, Robbie's dream came true. His dream isn't the only thing that came either. BLAKE MASON specialize in young bucks like Robbie getting fucked for the first time. The boys are always cute, always hung and always willing. Jack knows what he's doing with his uncut rod and takes Robbie to that place of no return. Along with the rest of us.

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Wouldn't you just LOVE to be sucking both those thick young uncut pieces of cock meat at the same time?! Oh my God, I think I just had an accident. I have always enjoyed rubbing cocks with my lover. There's something so intense and erotic about it. Jack's getting Robbie so hot he can't handle it. That's how it's done ya know.

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Well it looks as though Robbie is entering that world he so wanted to be in. With his head back in ecstasy and Jack driving it home, I do believe our bottom boy has found his place in life. I know how he feels as I will roll over for a hottie like Jack any time.

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This young fella is really digging the show now. Love how he grips his dick and strokes for all he's worth while Jack teaches him his role. Shit, it's so good to be gay. LOL. BLAKE MASON deliver nothing but quality scenarios and you'll be able to see much more of these horny hunks over there. I know, I spend more time there each and every day.

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