Rob Clarke is the site of a marvelous artist who deals in well-muscled studs, usually as hard as rocks, with cocks bouncing and throbbing with a nice GIF touch - in motion as you watch. His arrangements are simple but the shading and the suppleness of the figured he draws are all somehow hot and sexy as hell. He draws out of pleasure, I am positive, and he likes what he does. He mentions he drew way too many still lifes and posed pieces in art school and expresses his gratitude that he can now do the stuff he actually takes pleasure in doing. All of the artwork is men, most all are as naked as they can be and there are abundant masturbation scenes complete with cum shots - big, big cum shots out of big, big cocks. He has some bondage involved in his fantasies, as well as some Top and Bottom behavior which also tickles the sense as we read. This stuff is highly sexual, as charged as any artist I have seen. Larger than life dudes, cumming in buckets, let us see the ways they have their own fun while alone, as well as when "tied up" with others.

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