Blake Mason brings us a couple of super hot skinheaded dudes with ripe young bods and big cocks today. RJ and Zach love to show off and get really nasty in front of the camera. In fact, rumour has it that they're so hot for one another that they've been "rehearsing" off camera. Well as they say, "practise makes perfect". And no doubt this scene is off-the-charts perfection. Lots of cock swallowing, dick hiding action got captured here guys. Damn hot!


Zach gets right to town on RJ's hole. For a young fella who's still only 18 years old, Zach has all the necessary equipment and masterful skills needed to be a total top. Along with a big prick that has no problem staying hard as a rock, he's also not shy in front of the camera at all.


RJ goes for a bull ride and what a ride it is! He later was quoted as saying, "How did an 18 year old learn to fuck like that?" in reference to Zach's prowess with his ramrod. Some guys have it, and some guys don't I guess.


That is a sweet sweet shot. Zach really starts to give RJ what for. You have to love the missionary position when you're a bottom. You get to watch your top's lustful glare as he drives your hole good and deep. Blake Mason knows all too well how to capture this exact kind of action and there's never a dull moment dudes.

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