Rizzo And Crawford In Episode 5 Of SYTYCF Rizzo And Crawford In Episode 5 Of SYTYCF

We're lost in the jungle for Episode 5 of Dominic Ford's So You Think You Can Fuck. Luckily, we have Armond Rizzo and Vance Crawford to entertain us--and swat away the occasional bug. This week's challenge is sponsored by SpunkLube, and we could hardly tell as the contestants are asked to wrestle in an inflatable pool filled with (you guessed it) lube! Both teams strip down to their undies (always a welcome sight) for three rounds of greasy roughhousing. Following much slipping and sliding, there's a winning team.

During Round 3, Armond and Vance lose their shorts altogether, which is a perfect lead-in to their scene. It starts with some heaving making out in the deep forest. Armond is still our favorite pocket gay porn star, looking tiny regardless of who he's paired with. At least the little guy delivers some great head to Vance, displaying major deep-throat skills. Crawford returns the favor, and there's some nice 69 action on a blanket. Then it's on to the anal, where Vance proves himself a diligent top. He does most of the work here, though Rizzo does moan and makes his usual "Damn, I'm getting fucked!" face. After a relentless (and overly drawn-out) rutting, Vance pounds the man juice out of Armond then spews on his smooth body.

The judges are split this week, with Pierson Hayes applauding Armond for being "amazing at taking cock," while Ryan Russell thinks that Vance is a "sensual and sensitive" performer. We're halfway through this 10-week competition but no closer to a true front-runner. Only time (and more sucking and fucking) will tell! Remember, the teams gain points for winning the group challenges, but fans have a say in who takes the title by voting online. The winner will be named in a live finale at Revolver in West Hollywood on April 30. Vote for your favorite at SYTFCF.

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