randy blue's addison graham

Addison Graham is the latest ripped stud taking his clothes off for Randy Blue. His body is perfectly chiseled like a statue's and he's poolside and showing off his beautiful body. He's got rusty red brown hair, blue eyes, and a square jaw. He likes showing off. And there's a lot to see.

Addison starts off in his swimsuit, but sheds it pretty quickly revealing a big-knobbed, veiny cock and trimmed pubes. He runs his fingers down his washboard abs and settles in the hairy patch above his stiffening cock. He grabs his swollen meat and strokes it lovingly with his hand slipping across his deliciously plump cock head. Then his hand slides between his butt cheeks and he teasingly plays with his shaved-smooth fuck hole. He's thinking of a hard dick filling him up and his cock twitches with excitement. And when this jack-off session is over, this redhead's ripped abs are coated in a creamy layer of cum.

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