I want to take a moment to comment about porn sites that, in no uncertain terms, rip us off. One would think that if someone takes the time to design a site, market it, and provide fresh content, that the site would function properly and that everything advertised in the tour is actually present and usable. In the past month alone, I have found 4 sites which literally pulled down my pants and stuck a broomstick up my butt without lube, a kiss, or any hint of providing the content for which I just paid $20 to $30. Owwwwww..

It is not my intent to name particular sites, but to address the overall problem and the inarguable fact that we essentially have no recourse. Here's what commonly happens: I join a site based on the nice preview pics and sample vid clips in the tour. After the moment when I've launched a membership and been charged the money and I go to the home page, imagine my surprise to discover that much of the content either isn't there at all, or it doesn't work. So, like anyone who's just paid for a product, I want to get my money's worth. I write to the Webmaster in a polite and friendly tone asking for help. I get no response. I let a few days go by, then I write again, this time a little more firmly. No response. By the third attempt, it is apparent that the Webmaster just plain doesn't give a shit. His mission is accomplished: he got my money, and there's nothing more he needs to do. It doesn't matter to him that I will not renew my membership next month; he just made $30 free and clear and didn't have to lift a finger.

I recently joined a site with a theme of 'thug sex'. I'm not a fan of streaming video feeds and much prefer original vids exclusive to particular sites, and I prefer to download them and watch them at my leisure. I was intrigued by the preview pics at this thug site which claimed to have a high volume of vids for download, so I took the bait and joined. Most of the pages seem to work just fine, but the downloadable videos page'there's nothing there. I mean NOTHING! I tried two different browsers and everything I possibly could to determine if the problem was on my end, but considering that the other pages of the site work just fine (you know, the pages without original content), it soon became clear that the problem wasn't a result of my computer. I wrote to the Webmaster, and I have yet to get a response. So, I will not be receiving the content for which I joined the site. I'm out $30 and nobody will help. That's that.

Another case in point: though the content is great at a French feet site I visit frequently, there are sometimes problems with the video clips being corrupted with bad encoding, or the links not working. Unfortunately, there is no way to contact the administrator of this site. Sure, they've got an e-mail support address, but it doesn't work at all. The messages always get returned as undeliverable. Meanwhile, members are paying for content, but only some of it actually works. In this case, we just have to take the bitter with the sweet. What works at the site is hot stuff, so I maintain a membership, but it's incredibly frustrating to get no help when needed, and apparently the Webmaster is so goddamn dumb that he probably doesn't even know that his own e-mail address is bogus. It staggers the mind.

There's another site in which the vids work fine, but the photo galleries are completely fucked up. Most of the photos can't be saved (some can; it's inconsistent), sometimes they open upside down, and sometimes the thumbnails don't work. I actually got a response from the Webmaster about this, and the best he had to offer was 'we're working on the problem'. 10 months later, the problem persists. Lucky for them, they have good video content.

It's inevitable that we're gonna get ripped off from time to time, but I must say that it's still disconcerting to think that there are people making money off us who don't care about the quality of the product they provide (or don't provide in some cases), nor do they care about basic customer service. As silly as it sounds, I think the online porn industry could benefit from a Better Business Bureau of its own. We could put some of these bastards out to pasture so that other well-meaning gay boys don't get their wallets emptied for nothing. Who agrees? A show of hands, please'



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