Riley Coxx Fucks Sam Bishop Riley Coxx Fucks Sam Bishop

I first saw furry guy Sam Bishop over on Butch Dixon a few weeks ago and he did a hot jack-off session where he played with his butt hole and shot a massive cum load all over his hairy torso. So I'm pretty happy seeing this furry bottom getting his ass pumped over at Alpha Males.

Sam Bishop is alone at the office when hot serviceman Riley Coxx stops by to do some work. When Riley comes by Sam's desk to get him to sign off on his work, Sam can't resist the urge to jump the sexy workman and service his dick. I love watching Bishop sucking cock. He's really good at it and sesucks Riley's hard-on with long, deep strokes, and lots of deep throat action.

Riley's a good cocksucker, too, and gets Sam's cock and hole good and horny. With Sam lying back on the couch, Riley shoves his dick inside Sam's very furry bum and pumps him good. I really enjoyed watching Coxx screwing Sam, holding onto his bare feet and looking down in the bottom's eyes. The only thing I didn't enjoy about the scene was all the jewelry. Sam's scrotum, belly button, and nipple are pierced and Riley Coxx is wearing big-assed diamonds in his ear, a chain around his neck, and a stylish watch on his wrist. Is this an office fuck or a jewelry commercial?

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