Payne from Fratmen is one of those stories about being in the right place at just the right time. You see, Payne didn't set out to do a porn shoot. He was only there because his friend Max was doing his first shoot and wanted moral support. Payne was really interested in everything, and he also noticed all the guys were having a blast. On the second day of the shoot, Payne finally asked if he could be a Fratman, too. Well, after Payne had spent two days on the set, the crew knew he was a friendly person with a great attitude.

And no doubt after a good look at that body, that face and that smile, it was pretty obvious Payne was Fratmen material! Here he is hanging out with Max before the shoot.


As you can see, Payne has got one nice ass - it's ripe and round and it's just the kind of ass you'd love to grab hold of and squeeze with both hands. It's one of the reasons he got the job at Fratmen.


Man, Payne is hot! That college boy face, athletic body and sweet cock. And he doesn't shave his body, which is another big plus. He's got pubes and lightly hairy legs. In fact, I'd say Payne has it all. No wonder they were so happy to get him for Fratmen!


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